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Boss up and change your life.
You can have it all, no sacrifice.
~ Lizzo

You know you're smart and capable in certain areas of your life - you're skilled in your work and settled in your friendships.

Sometimes doing things for other people is satisfying - but when everything seems to land on your shoulders it's easy to feel resentful, frustrated and anxious about the future.


You know it's not sustainable but they don't seem to notice.

Your circumstances and relationships aren't going to change overnight - that's why you want to learn easy ways to feel calm in your body no matter what.

You want to move beyond intellectualising the issues and whinging to your sister and do something practical about it. To feel in control and confident when things are chaotic.


Brain Wizardry Lab Sessions

Renewable series of 3 x 1:1 60-minute coaching calls online via zoom.


Finding your own calm requires intentional action.

This is a skill that you can learn.

And when you do, you'll unlock the perspective and clarity you need. 

Through our work together, you will:


Find Calm

No matter how stress arises - hubby working late again, money conversations, another company restructure, not enough clients - you know how to relax and calm your body and mind quickly.


Speak your truth

You are confident to speak your truth - at work, at home, to strangers, in your marketing - which leads to your ideas being heard and embraced.


Stop being the backstop

You've stopped fixing every little thing for everyone else. You're comfortable letting things fall apart in the short term so you can prioritise fixing important things.


Make Decisions

You have a better sense of what you want so you're able to choose things that make you truly happy. You know when you're happy it's better for everyone.


Sleep like a dream

You can fall asleep and stay asleep. This makes you feel in control. During the day, you feel clear-headed energised.


Think better thoughts

You realise you were being really hard on yourself and trying to be perfect. Letting that go has been such a relief.


By training your brain to be kind and helpful to yourself, you have naturally become more patient and kind in your relationships and more focussed in your work.

Welcome to the Brain Wizardry Lab Sessions.

What's it all about?

The Brain Wizardry Lab is for people who mostly have their shit together.

You have come so far in your career lately and I get a sense that you're feeling more at home in your skin.

But I'm worried about how much pressure you're under - how much pressure you put on yourself.

I get you don't want to make a drastic change but this isn't sustainable. A few tweaks could make a world of difference.

This programme could help.

It's a very private and personal space to talk one-on-one about your work and life.

You get to do it 3 sessions at a time so it's not a huge commitment - you only take what you need while being supported for as long as you want.

Hannah is awesome - she's a bit quirky, a neuroscience nerd, but really warm. And she knows her shit. Her clients don't know why exactly but they always feel better after talking with her.

I'm excited at the thought of you becoming more boss. Honing in on what you want. Feeling more confident. Sharing your ideas with people who don't know how lucky they are to have you on their team. Working more on your terms.

And personally, too, you know? Feeling more settled at home. Having the energy to play in the mountains this Winter and get away for the weekend. Able to be fully present when you're hanging with your buddies because the pressure is off and they're hilarious.

I know you'll get there one way or another because you're brilliant like that, but it just seems crazy to wait, you know?

Like, why not just give it a go? You deserve to be supported by someone else for a change.



Hannah Fitzgibbon

Hi, I'm Hannah and I profoundly care about helping people shape their brain into a supportive ally.

My coaching is a combination of science-backed skills and methodologies that frankly feel like magic, real-lived experience in a range of industries and encyclopaedic knowledge from some of the world's best thinkers, philosophers, artists and scientist.


This helps you make lasting neurological habits fast improving your relationship to yourself, other people and things (like money).

My work is certified by the Ethical Coaching Collective and the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists.

A picture of Hannah Fitzgibbon - coach and counsellor
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